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Council Approves 2022 Utility Rates

Posted on Dec. 14 2021
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During the Regular Council Meeting on December 13, Council passed the 2022 Water Utility Bylaw 23 .21 as presented, with a 5% increase on water and 2% increase to wastewater from the 2021 rates. Drumheller utility finances continue on track to self-sustainability; a plan put into action in 2017 to ensure that long-term infrastructure investments are maintained for regulatory compliance.

"The utility system is a vital part of the town's infrastructure, and it is imperative to put money aside each year to deal with the depreciation of this infrastructure and any expansion or requirements because of new environmental regulations. This financial plan is on track," shares Darryl Drohomerski, CAO of the Town of Drumheller. “Administration works hard to ensure efficiencies are made whenever possible, however, it is vital to put money in reserve to make investments where needed to maintain the safety of our drinking water and keep this plan on track."

These fees will increase January 1, 2022 at 5% for water and 2% for wastewater. Ratepayers will see the cubic metre charge for water increase by $0.10, from $2.07 to $2.17. Similarly, the average residential wastewater user will see an increase of $0.81 from $16.25 to $17.06 in monthly meter charges.

This fall, Administration compared the Town of Drumheller’s water rates to rates in comparable municipalities. Based on the findings, the Town’s water rates are slightly below average. The Town’s monthly water charges for a household consuming 20 cubic meters in 2021 is $57.65 compared to the average charges of $61.66 among similar municipalities. Comparatively, this represents a 6.5% lower cost than municipalities of the same population size.

“Additionally, Administration compared the Town’s wastewater rates to rates in comparable municipalities and based on the findings concluded that the Town’s wastewater rates are slightly below average,” explains Mauricio Reyes, Director of Corporate Services. “The Town’s monthly wastewater charges for a household consuming 20 cubic meters in 2021 is $49.59 compared to the average of $57.50 among similar municipalities.” This represents a 13.8% lower cost than comparable municipalities.

The graphs included with this release show the timeline required to reach financial sustainability, monthly water charges compared to other municipalities and monthly wastewater charges compared to other municipalities

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