Major Projects

Working with Council direction, Master Plans and Servicing Studies, the Town of Drumheller is committed to continuous infrastructure improvements to benefit the Drumheller Valley, whether new or existing. 

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Current Major Projects

Airport Fuel Farm and Point of Sale

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Construction of two above ground fuel tanks at the Drumheller Airport and installation of a new point-of-sale system.   2024  

CN Rail to Trail - Station and Stops

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Construction of three Stations and four Stops in relation to the CN Rails to Trails project.      

Conversion of CN Bridge to Pedestrian

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Conversion of the Midland CN Bridge to a pedestrian bridge. $500,000.00 2024 Engineering and design phase

Curling Rink Demolition

Scope Budget Timeline Updates

Hazmat abatement and demolition of the curling rink.

Phase 2 ESA.

$800,000.00 2024  

Gordon Taylor Bridge

Scope Budget Timeline Updates

Beginning Spring 2024, Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors will start construction on the Gordon E. Taylor bridge on Highway 9 (Bridge Street) over the Red Deer River within the Town of Drumheller.


Information pertaining to this project can be accessed by clicking here.

  Construction is expected to take two(2) years to complete, with an anticipated completion date of Fall 2025, weather permitting. Work will take place on site between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm daily, 7 days a week. If night work is required, information will be posted on site prior to commencement.

Construction on the Gordon E. Taylor bridge will begin May 2024. The bridge rehabilitation work consists of widening the clear bridge width as well as modifications to the existing roadways and connecting pathways at the bridge approaches.

Michichi Creek Sanitary Crossing

Scope Budget Timeline Update
Replacement of the Sanitary crossing across Michichi Creek, which will also include the installation of a new sanitary lift station. $2,000,000.00 2024  

New Trail Development

Scope Budget Timeline Update
Annual program to maintain and improve our pathway infrastructure.   2024  

North Drumheller River Crossing & Forcemain Connection

Scope Budget Timeline Update

Replacement of Water and Sanitary Sewer Mains that run from the North Drumheller lift station underneath the Red Deer River to Riverside Drive W.

Additionally, a new Sanitary Sewer Main will be constructed down 5 Street W, 3 Ave W, 4 Street W, with the final connection point within Highway 575.

$3,730,000.00 2024  

Old Hospital and Old Public Works Site Remediation

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Remediation of the Old Hospital site and Old Public Works site.   2024  

Sanitary Master Servicing Study

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Creation of a Sanitary Master Servicing Study, which will demonstrate the adequacy of the existing and proposed sanitary sewer systems to satisfy the demands of a proposed development or redevelopment. $175,000.00 2024  

Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program

Scope Budget Timeline Update
Annual program to maintain and improve sidewalk infrastructure.   2024  

Street Improvement Program

Scope Budget Timeline Current Updates

 56 (Rosedale)

1 Ave from Highway 10X to end (Wayne)

1 Street from 1 Ave to end (Wayne)

Alleyway behind Maple Ridge Manor I (between 2 Street E and 3 Street E)

Alleyway by Sunshine Lodge (between 6 Ave E and Riverside Drive)

E/W alleyway by Downtown Plaza between 1 Street W and Centre Street 

Premier Close


Stirling Ditch - Nacmine

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Upgrades and realignment of the Stirling Ditch in Nacmine. $525,000.00 2024 Construction scheduled for April/May 2024 

6 Avenue "New Connector" Road

Scope Budget Timeline Updates
Construction of a new roadway extending 6 Avenue from Highway 9/56 to Railway Avenue E. $700,000.00 2024  

Construction is weather-dependent. Timelines could change due to weather, underground conditions and/or other unexpected circumstances. Check this page often and follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on projects. 

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