Tax Incentives

Drumheller Valley is a welcoming home with exciting potential and a sought-after tourist destination! The Valley is full of opportunity to live, work, play and invest. We encourage sustainable growth and welcome new business opportunities.

Residential Development Incentive Programs 

New developments of single-family detached residences, attached or unattached townhouses, or row houses with a listing sale price between $180,000 to $350,000 dollars may be eligible for municipal property tax exemptions. 

Multi-unit residential rental dwellings that are a minimum of 4 units to a maximum of 16 that are rented for less than $950.00 per month may be eligible for municipal property tax exemptions. 

New developments are eligible for municipal tax exemptions:

  • First year is 100% (Abatement)
  • Second year is 75%
  • Third year is 50%
  • Fourth year is 25%
  • Fifth year is 0%

This incentive will transfer to the new owner!

Residential Development Incentive Programs Bylaw 13.20 (Amending Bylaw 01.22)


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