Film in Drumheller

The exceptional landscape and charm of the Drumheller Valley provides a versatile filming location. We can help you connect with the many area amenities to support you with your next shoot. The Town welcomes inquiries for production.  

A Valley of Versatility

The Drumheller Valley provides versatile, adaptive film locations.

Our natural, unique landscape provides filmmakers the ability to get key shots safely without the hassle and expense of going overseas. The Valley and surrounding areas have substituted for such countries as Afghanistan, Mexico, Israel, and planets, such as Mars.  

"We shot the desert scenes in a place called Drumheller. It was a perfect match for the terrain of Las Vegas and Silver City, Nevada.” – Janet Zucker, Producer Rat Race, 2001

Film in Drumheller 

A no-fee Film Permit is required to film any theatrical motion picture, television program, television commercial, music video or commercial still photography on streets or property within the Town of Drumheller Municipal limits, or when off-street film-making affects the normal use of the adjacent street. Additional permits may be required. 

Application Process

Applications and all documents and agreements must be received:

  • 14 business days before production if street/sidewalk closures, traffic stoppage, or other bylaw concerns are proposed;
  • 7 business days before production if none of the above are required. 

Approval timelines vary depending on the nature and complexity of the production.

Popular Productions

Many production companies have taken advantage of the gorgeous landscape and how easy it is to film in Drumheller. 

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) 

 “There aren’t many small towns like this left.” – Jason Nolan, Location scout, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, 2021 


Popular Drumheller Film and TV listings 

Let Him Go 
Ghostbusters: Afterlife 
The Revenant 
Rat Race 
Shanghai Noon 

Fortunate Son 
The Amazing Race Canada 
Drop In  

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  • 80 minutes from Calgary International Airport 
  • 90 minutes from the City of Calgary 
  • Situated along the Red Deer River valley along Highway 9. 
  • Home of Drumheller Municipal Airport, a modern airport with a 3,505 foot runway 



  • Coulees and Canyons (including Horseshoe and Horse Thief Canyons) 
  • Desolate Deserts 
  • Hoodoo formations 
  • Sweeping prairie views 
  • Meandering Red Deer River
  • Historic sites and downtown

Let Him Go (2020)

“We came to Drumheller for a reason, and that is because it has incredible, extraordinary scenery. So we are actually going to be here for two or three days, but when we were driving along the river  I said “we have to stay here longer,” Paula Mazur, Producer Let Him Go, 2020 


Economic Boost 

The economic boost from Drumheller’s 2019 film season resulted in approximately $2,000,000.00 spent in our local economy.

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