Urban Forest Survey

Our team has conducted thorough site assessments and pinpointed several promising areas for Urban Forest Development. Your insights are crucial in ensuring we make the best decisions for our community's green spaces. The survey period is from July 5th to August 19th, 2024.

Water Main Break HWY 9

Town crews are currently working on a water main break in the on HWY 9 and 10 AVE SE. Town Staff are onsite; traffic will be reduced to single lane and some localized water outages will…

Posted on: Jul. 19 2024

2024 Property Taxes are due August 31, 2024

In May 2024, the Town of Drumheller mailed residents their 2024 Property Tax Notices. Property taxes are due on August 31, 2024. If you have not received your 2024 tax notice, please get…

Posted on: Jul. 18 2024

Temporary Road Closure - Bonedigger Bone Bash

There will be a temporary road closure in effect from July 13, 2024, from 7:00am until 4:00pm, for the Bonedigger Bike Bash event.  Questions about this road closure can be directed to…

Posted on: Jul. 11 2024

Huntingon Water Main Break Update

At approximately 11:00 am on Wednesday, July 3, crews attended a water main repair in the Huntington neighbourhood. What would typically have been a repair to the valve has now resulted…

Posted on: Jul. 3 2024

Drumheller Forms Sports Council Task Force

Nine dedicated individuals are going to help establish and shape the Town of Drumheller Sports Council Task Force. They aim to execute the tasks outlined in the Recreation Master Plan findings.…

Posted on: Jun. 28 2024

Enforcement of Short-Term Rental Regulations in the Town of Drumheller

The Town of Drumheller will begin the enforcement of short-term rental regulations starting August 1, 2024.   Short-term rental regulations were established on February 1, 2024 when Bylaw…

Posted on: Jun. 20 2024

Annual Giant Water Fight at the Drumheller Aquaplex

What better way to have fun in the sun than with a Giant Water Fight?   Join the fight on Wednesday, July 17 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm at the Drumheller Aquaplex. Everyone is invited to…

Posted on: Jun. 18 2024

2024 Street Improvement Plan

Edit made June 24, 2024: This project has been delayed one (1) week. The new projected start date for the Street Improvement Plan is July 2, 2024. The annual Street Improvement Plan (SIP)…

Posted on: Jun. 17 2024

Land Use Amending Bylaw 12.24

The Town of Drumheller is pleased to announce the successful passage of the Land Use Amending Bylaw 12.24 on June 3, 2024. IntroductionOn May 7, 2024, the Town hosted an Open House at the…

Posted on: Jun. 11 2024

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