Community Clean Up

Community Clean up is an annual program where Town Administration collects refuse from Drumheller Valley residents that would otherwise not be collected in regular curbside removal.  Community Clean up saves residents a trip to the landfill for items that do not fit in their waste cart. This service is free of charge to all Drumheller residents. 

The Town works with the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill to implement Community Clean up on a neighbourhood-based schedule that encourages participants to place their unwanted items in advance of their scheduled Community Clean up date. Items must be sorted and placed where residents put their regular household garbage.   

  • This program does not include disposal of demolition material. Commercial/Industrial waste is not included in this program. 
  • No single site is to exceed the volume of a ½ ton truck 
  • Importing waste from outside of Drumheller Corporate limits is strictly prohibited 

2021 Community Clean up Schedule 

  • Day 1 East Coulee, Cambria, Lehigh, Starmine and Hwy 10 Residences to Rosedale  
  • Day 2 Wayne, Rosedale, Hwy 10x, and Hwy 10 Rosedale to Corporate Limits   
  • Day 3 Nacmine  
  • Day 4 Midland, North Drumheller, and Verdant Valley Road  
  • Day 5 North and South Newcastle 6  
  • Day 6 Central Drumheller and East Newcastle - from 9th Street West to 5th Street East 7  
  • Day 7 Bankview and Huntington - North of 10th Avenue South East 8  
  • Day 8, 2020 Greentree & Huntington 
  • Day 9, 2020 Riverside Drive between 5th Street East and Willow Estates 

Acceptable Materials

Household Materials 

  • Kitchen waste 
  • Bathroom waste 
  • Furniture (couches, chairs, mattress sets, dressers, desks, bookshelves etc.) 
  • Old clothing 
  • Lamps (light bulbs removed)  
  • Kid’s toys 


  • Freon appliances*  
  • White metals 
  • Barbeques  
  • Play sets  
  • Lawn mowers  
  • Trimmers (all oil and fuel must be removed prior to placing out for pickup, failure to do so will result in material not being collected) 

*All Freon appliances ; fridges, freezers, air conditioners and water coolers will require a $15.00/unit sticker; to be purchased at Town Hall prior to your collection day and placed on the appliance to ensure pickup. 

Compostable Materials 

  • Leaves (must be bagged) 
  • Grass clippings 
  • Tree branches (branches can be no more than 1-foot diameter and must be cut down to 4-foot lengths, tied or bundled) 


  • Televisions  
  • Computers and accessories 
  • Printers 
  • Microwaves 
  • Fax machines 
  • Stereos 
  • Electronic games 
  • Power tools 


  • Tires (with or without rims)  
  • Propane tanks  
  • Vehicle batteries  
  • Paint 

Unacceptable Materials

Renovation & Demolition Materials (including, but not limited to):

  • Wood 
  • Drywall 
  • Shingles 
  • Fences 
  • Decks 
  • Toilets 
  • Counter tops 
  • Vanities 
  • Carpet/underlay 
  • Windows 
  • Doors  

Household Hazardous Waste:

  • Used oil/oil filters 
  • Household cleaners 
  • Garden chemicals  
  • Fire extinguishers  
  • Household batteries 
  • Vehicle propane tanks  
  • Drums of liquid 
  • Empty drums with the lids intact 


Direct all inquiries to the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill at 403-823-1345 or email at 

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