Council Boards & Committees

Boards and Committees

Town of Drumheller Boards and Committees

The members of council appointed Boards and Committees are appointed by Town of Drumheller Council. These Boards and Committees have been approved and/or requested by Council and may have a Bylaw, Policy or Terms of Reference associated with the group.

If you are interested in Volunteering for a Town of Drumheller Board or Committee please fill out the Volunteer Application.  

Regional Boards and Committees

The Town of Drumheller Councillors act as representatives to various community Boards and Committees. In some cases, it is a bylaw requirement of the committee or board to have an elected official as a member, in some cases a Councillor has requested the appointment.  


Town of Drumheller Boards and Committees

CN Trail Fundraising Task Force

Information on the CN Trail Fundraising Task Force.

As more information is available it will be posted. 

  Member Position Name Term
1 Ex-Officio Mayor Heather Colberg  
2 Councillor Crystal Sereda  
3 Councillor  Patrick Kolafa  
4 Member at Large Madison Colberg  
5 Member at Large Jason Blanke  
    Lana Philips   
    Becky Kowalchuk  
    Tyler Eddy  
    Courtney Bell  
    Lisa Orton  


Airport Commission

The purpose of the Airport Commission is to operate the Drumheller Municipal Airport. There is an Airport manager that is employed by the Board.

Members appointed by Council:

  • (1) Councillor
  • (1) Chief Administrative Officer or designate
  • (5) Members at large
  Member Position Name Term
1 Councillor Mayor Heather Colberg Annually
2 Chief Administrative Officer Darryl Drohomerski Annually
3 Director of Infrastructure Services Dave Brett -
4 Operations Manager Kevin Blanchett -
5 Airport Manager Patrick Bonneville -
6 Member at Large Catherine Bonneville 2024
7 Member at Large Dr. Robert Graham 2024
8 Member at Large Peter Cardamone 2021
9 Member at Large Don Ostergard 2021
10 Member at Large Colin Jensen 2021


Drumheller Housing Administration

Drumheller Housing Administration is responsible for the governance and operation of affordable housing on behalf of the Town.

Members appointed by Council:

  • (1) Councillor 
  • (5) Members at large
  Member Position Name Term
1 Councillor Crystal Sereda  Annually
2 Administrator Bob Sheddy  -
3 Member at Large Gerald Martynes 2022
4 Member at Large Patrice Wolf  
5 Member at Large    
6 Member at Large Brendon M. Huntley 2023


Drumheller Library Board

The Board of Trustees meet with the Library Director (employee of the Board) to discuss issues related to the library.  The library is part of the Marigold System and is governed by the Alberta Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation.

Members appointed by Council:  

  • Councillor – 1 
  • Members – 7 

Meeting Schedule: 7:00pm, second Wednesday of the month.  

  Member Position Name Term
1 Councillor Stephanie Price Annually
2 Chairperson Samantha Haddon 2024
3 Secretary  Cheryl McNeil 2022
4 Board Trustee Lizbeth Dubé 2022
5 Board Trustee James Foster 2023
6 Board Trustee Caleb Brown 2024
7 Board Trustee Lynn Fabrick 2024
8 Board Trustee Mitchell Barry 2024
9 Board Trustee Jade Scott 2024
10 Board Trustee Tracy Abildgaard


Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) is a committee that comes togther to discuss opportunities and challenges related to economic development in the Drumheller Valley. 

Members are appointed by Council. 

  • (2) Councillors
  • (4) Members at large
  Member Position Name Term
1 Mayor Heather Colberg Annually
2 Councillor Fred Makowecki Annually
3 Chief Administrative Officer Darryl Drohomerski Annually
4 Economic Development Officer Reg Johnston Annually
5 Travel Drumheller Julia Fielding Annually
6 Chamber of Commerce Jeff Hall 2021
7 Community Futures  Maryann Vogel 2021
8 Member at Large/Chair Brian Yanish 2022
9 Member at Large Shelley Rymal 2023
10 Member at Large Jason Martin 2021
11 Member at Large Esther D'souza  


Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is authorized to make decisions on application for development approval in accordance with the administrative procedures, land uses and scheduled established in the Municipal Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Members are appointed by Council

  • (2) Councillors
  • (5) Members at large
  Member Position Name Term Expiry
1 Development Officer/CAO Darryl Drohomerski -
2 Development Officer in Training Antonia Knight -
3 Recording Secretary Linda Taylor -
4 Palliser Regional Municipal Services  Devin Diano/CEO -
5 Chair/Councillor/Member Tom Zariski Annually
6 Councillor/Member Tony Lacher Annually
7 Member at Large Shelley Rymal 2023
8 Member at Large Art Erickson 2023
9 Member at Large Andrew Luger -
10 Member at Large Ryan Power July 2024
11 Member at Large Kirk McLean July 2024


Drumheller Police Advisory Committee

Taxi Commission

The commission discusses issues surrounding the taxi / livery business in Town.   


  • Director of Emergency and Protective Services
  • Councillors – 2  

Meeting Schedule: Meetings held as needed. 


  Member Position  Name Term
1 Councillor Tony Lacher  
2 Councillor Stephanie Price  


Regional Committees

Drumheller & District Seniors Foundation

The purpose of the board is to provide governance with a mandate to ensure Drumheller and area seniors have a high quality of life by providing affordable and supportive accommodations. This Foundation is a Management Body established by Ministerial Order under the Alberta Housing Act.

For more information, please check out their website: Drumheller & District Seniors Foundation 

Members include:

  • (1) Councillor
  • (4) Members at large
  Member Position Name Term
1 Councillor Tom Zariski Annually
2 Executive Director Glenda Youngberg -
3 Member at Large David Sisley -
4 Member at Large Kerry McLellan -
5 Member at Large Bob Sargent -
6 Member at Large Melanie Graff -

Additional Information

Drumheller Housing Needs Assessment - November 12, 2015

Drumheller Health Foundation

A non-profit charitable organization made up of municipal designates and members at large from Wheatland County, Kneehill County, Starland County and the Town of Drumheller. The Board of Directors reviews requests for funding from the various medical units associated with the Drumheller Health Centre.

Members include:

  • (2) Drumheller 
  • (1) Wheatland County 
  • (1) Kneehill County
  • (1) Starland County


  Member Position Name Term
1 Councillor Tom Zariski Annually
  Chair Susan Schmidt  
  Vice-Chair Melanie Nelson  
  Treasurer Gary Krabsen  
  Secretary  Jackie Watts  


Drumheller & District Solid Waste Association

  Member Position Member Name Community Term Expiry Alternate member or contact
1 Deputy Mayor Jason Bates Acme - Village of 2025 CAO Gary Sawatzky
2 Mayor Warren Wise Beiseker - Village of 2025 CAO Heather Leslie
3 Mayor Bryan Peever Carbon - Village of 2025 CAO Vanessa Van der Meer
4 Mayor David Sisley Delia - Village of 2025 interim CAO - Bill Wulff
5 Councillor Patrick Kolafa Drumheller - Town of  2025 CAO Darryl Drohomerski
6 Secretary - Treasurer - Executive Director Darryl Drohomerski Drumheller - Town of  - -
7 Councillor - Executive Director Tim Frank  Hussar - Village of 2025 CAO Kate Brandt
8 Councillor - Executive Director Debbie Penner Kneehill County 2025 CAO Mike Haugen
9 Councillor Reg Wiebe Linden - Village of 2025 CAO Lynda vanderWoerd 
10 - - Morrin - Village of 2025 CAO Annette Plachner
11 Mayor Leslie Landon Munson - Village of 2025 CAO Lyle Cawiezel
12 Councillor Bill Goodfellow Rockyford - Village of 2025 CAO Elaine Macdonald
13 Deputy Mayor Mr. Carol Allard Standard - Village of 2025 CAO Yvette April
14 Councillor - Executive Director Steve Wannstrom Starland County 2025 CAO Shirley Bremer
15 Councillor Chris Reeds Trochu - Town of  2025 Cllr. Chris Armstrong
16 Councillor Rick Laursen Wheatland County 2025 CAO Brian Henderson

Flood Mitigation Community Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Community Advisory Committee is to:

  • Work with the Flood Mitigation Office to learn and understand the reasons for the Flood Mitigation Program and the scope of the project to guide engagement with the public.
  • Connect with the community affected by the Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Program, and report back to the Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office on the community's concerns.


Member Position Member Name Term Expiry
1 - Allen Hendricks -
2 - Cate Samuel -
3 - Kimberly Almadi -
4 - Harvey Saltys -
5 - Irv Gerling -
6 - Keith Hodgson -
7 - Wayne Powell -
8 - Tony Miglecz -


Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Committee

Intermunicipal Development Plan Board

Palliser Intermunicipal Subdividison and Development Appeal Board

Members appointed by Council:

  • (2) Councillors
  • (5) Members at large

The Palliser Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board was formed in 2020 by participating PRMS municipal member shareholders through a collection of enacting bylaws.  The Palliser ISDAB is authorized to render decisions on appeals resulting from decisions of a Subdivision Authority or a Development Authority in accordance with the MGA, the Subdivision and Development Regulation, the local Land Use Bylaw and statutory plans.

Please note: Due to the nature of membership with the ISDAB, the panel members assembled to participate in a hearing may be from neighbouring municipalities, and therefore, will not be listed here.

  Certified for ISDAB  Member Name Training Term Expiry
1 Panel Keith Hodgson Jan 11, 2021 -
2 Panel Sharon Clark April 15, 2021 -
3 Clerk Linda Taylor Jan 11, 2021 -
4 Clerk Libby Vant Jan 11, 2021 -
5 Clerk Denise Lines Dec 3, 2020 -
6 Panel -  Councillor  Crystal Sereda  - -

Other Resources

Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw 17.21

Palliser Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Procedural Guidelines

Palliser Regional Municipal Services

Palliser Regional Municipal Services provides professional planning and mapping services to 25 municipalities in south eastern Alberta.



Member Position Member Name   Term Expiry
1 Councillor Crystal Sereda Drumheller Annually
2 Chair  George Clazier  Paintearth -
3 Vice Chair Larry Strickel Hanna -
4 - Brad Slorstad Special Areas No. 2 -
5 - Aaron Skappak Acadia -
6 - Dale Kent  Halkirk -
7 - Dennis Kuiken Acme -


Red Deer River Municipal Users Group

Red Deer River Municipal Users Group (RDRMUG) is an association of rural and urban municipalities.  The Group Membership is composed of municipalities within the Red Deer River Basin and communities who receive water from the Red Deer River.

Our Group provides a unique and essential platform for members to work together towards shared goals.  

Valley Bus Society

Valley Bus Society is a non-profit organization created to ensure that accessible transportation is available for persons with disabilities, and senior citizens. There is a Manager that is employed by Valley Bus Society.

Members appointed by Council:

  • (1) Councillor 
  • (5) Members at large
  Member Position Member Name Term Expiry
1 Councillor Tony Lacher Annually
2 Administration Dave Brett -
3 Chair Buddy Tremblay -
4 - Bill Wulff -
5 - Allan Kendrick -
6 - Joany Chorney -
7 - Gail Schrock -
8 - Mary McSweeney  -
9 - Susan Sommerville -
10 - Hugh Sommerville -
11 Executive Director Christine Wheeler -


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