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Update on Discoloured Water - May 5, 2023

Posted on May. 5 2023

Some residents across the Valley, namely in the Newcastle and Riverside areas, have recently experienced discoloured water from their taps.

Why is this happening?

As a result of recent hydrant work throughout the Valley, overpressure and increased water flow rates have caused disturbances in water pipes. Quick withdrawals from water hydrants can disrupt the water flow, which in turn stirs up sediment in the pipes.

Is the water safe to drink?

The water is safe to drink, it just may not be pleasing to look at.

Ongoing monitoring will be taking place. Our teams recommend that residents flush their systems for 15 minutes to aid in clearing the discolouration. If there is no clarity in the water, please call the Town at 403-823-1330.

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