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Drumheller Forms Sports Council Task Force

Posted on Jun. 28 2024

Nine dedicated individuals are going to help establish and shape the Town of Drumheller Sports Council Task Force. They aim to execute the tasks outlined in the Recreation Master Plan findings. This task force, a crucial component in developing and establishing the Sports Council, will serve as a vital platform for identifying and addressing sports-related concerns and opportunities in our community.

"This task force will meet soon and talk about what we are trying to achieve, which will allow people to come together for a common interest, which is not necessarily for their sport but for the good of sport throughout the Valley," explains Rick Ladouceur, Manager of Recreation Arts and Culture.

The Drumheller Sports Council was developed as part of the 2023 Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The plan, which heavily involved participation from residents in collaboration with RC Strategies, outlined the initial goal of creating a sports council, suggested by local participants, within three years of its introduction.

"With the support of our Council and the clear value and importance the Parks and Recreation Master Plan has to the community, we decided to launch within the initial year of this plan," continues Ladouceur. "We are very fortunate to have the volunteers with the calibre in recreations to help creating a vision for the Drumheller Valley."

They are as follows:

  • Linda Traquair, Alberta 55 plus Provincial Board Member - Secretary
  • Robert Visser, Drumheller Baseball Association – President
  • Kristi Murphy, Drumheller Mixed Slo Pitch –
  • President Debra Walker, Drumheller Curling Association - President
  • Rachel Graf, Adult Volleyball League Representative
  • Ken Fournier, Head Coach Drumheller Football Team
  • Krymsen Suelzle, Drumheller Football President & Trainer
  • Melanie Hardy, Canadian Badlands Aquatics Club Board Member
  • Blair Christianson, Owner of the Jr. A Dragons

The Task Force is a testament to the collaborative spirit of our sports community. It represents a unified effort of the area's sport governing bodies, working together to strengthen and unite the sports community in Drumheller. Their collective aim is to address sports-related concerns and opportunities, exploring how each group and/or league can synergize with the current and future athletic infrastructure in the Valley.  

Mayor Heather Colberg acknowledges the significant role of sports tourism in our athletic community, stating, "This group of volunteers is poised to shape the future of sports in the Valley." She expresses her gratitude to the task force members for their invaluable time and expertise and recognizes their contribution to this important initiative.

The Town of Drumheller developed a Parks and Recreation Master Plan in 2023, identifying priorities for facilities and services over the next 10+ years. So far this year, much of the focus has been revitalizing the beach, ball diamonds, dog park, outdoor courts and accessory buildings at Newcastle Recreation Area.

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