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COVID-19 Projected Expenses

Posted on Jun. 8 2020

The reconciliation and finalization of expenses for the Covid 19 Emergency Response continues. Ascend LLP is undertaking this final stage. The attached summary report has been updated since last presented to Council. The net estimated expense has increased slightly from last reporting as a result of corrected inventory valuations.

The total projected net expense attributed to the emergency response to this point is $2,062,900. It is projected that a further $82,600 will be incurred in wrapping up everything related to the emergency response for a total response expense of $2,145,500. Of that total expense, $377,900 is estimated to be normal operating expense that is already budgeted in the 2020 Operating Budget. A further $74,300 can be characterized as bringing existing facilities and systems to expectations while $151,600 is estimated to be expense would be incurred in future years but was accelerated as part of the pandemic response. This leaves $1,541,700 as expenses that can be attributed solely to the Covid 19 emergency response.

The largest single expense component at $704,700 is Town personnel expense arising from redeployment for the emergency. A portion of this expense, $252,500 is already budgeted as part of the 2020 Operating Budget. The additional personnel expense incurred in the emergency response is estimated at $452,200. This additional amount includes:

  • $159,800 for additional remuneration paid at regular time rates
  • $209,500 for additional overtime at 1.5 time regular time rates
  • $82,900 in additional stand by costs

The net expense attributable just to the Covid 19 emergency response is $1.541 Million, an average of $515,000 per month for the 3 months of the Town’s pandemic response. The Town’s expenses in a month would typically be about $1.3 Million. With the emergency response this monthly average would have increased to about $1.8 Million. On a per capita basis, the cost of the emergency response will be $192 per person.

Robert Jenkins

COVID-19 Projected Expenses Summary Report

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