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Notice to Ratepayers

Posted on May. 17 2022

On May 17th, 2022, the Town of Drumheller mailed the 2022 Assessment and Tax Notices.  The “My Property Assessment & Tax Notice” brochure has also been included to provide additional information on property assessment and taxes. The 2022 Assessment and Tax notice shows the market value of your property, which is used to calculate the annual taxes on that property.

The property assessment and tax processes follow guidelines established by the provincial government and help ensure taxes are distributed fairly and equitably, where property owners with similar market values pay similar amounts of property taxes.

The Town of Drumheller’s municipal assessment roll is available for review on our website at: https://vadim.drumsvcs.com:9191/OnlineServices/PropertyTax.aspx.  Alternatively, the municipal assessment roll is available at the Town Office during regular office hours until July 25, 2022.

Property owners or agents interested in objecting to their property assessments must file a complaint by July 25, 2022. Please see the “My Property Assessment and Tax Notice” brochure for more information.

Please call 403-823-6300 or email propertytaxes@drumheller.ca for more information on:

  • Your property assessment and 2022 notice;
  • The complaint process if you disagree with your property’s assessed value; and
  • If you did not receive your annual assessment notice and needed to request a copy.

Dated at the Town of Drumheller, this 17th day of May 2022.

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