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Update on Discoloured Water

Posted on Feb. 17 2022

Some residents across the Valley may have been recently experiencing discoloured water from their taps. This is a system-wide issue.

Why is this happening?

It is a potassium permanganate issue that is causing colour in the water.

When the plant was initially built, potassium permanganate was added to the raw-water ponds for treatment of dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide in the water.  It settled out in the basin as suspended solids and had been covered with silt.

As the ponds were cleaned in 2019, it allowed this settled material to become disturbed, resulting in these issues. A similar event happened last year, however it was not as severe due to a thicker ice cover on the raw-water ponds this year. The thicker ice has resulted in the potassium permanganate not off-gassing as easily. 

Is the water safe to drink?

The water is safe to drink, it just may not be as pleasing to look at. 

How long could this issue continue?

Staff are adjusting the water treatment process and pond operation to combat the colour in the water, it could take about a week to get all the coloured water out of the system with the process change.

For more information, please contact 403-823-1302

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