Crosswalk Signal Failure - HWY 9 South of 12 Ave SE

The pedestrian crosswalk at Hwy 9 South and 12 Ave SE is currently experiencing a signal failure. This equipment is under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation (AT), and has been reported. The signal will be out of order until Monday, June 24 at the earliest. Alberta Transportation is investigating signage for the area for reduced speed limits for vehicles. We ask all residents and visitors to please caution when driving and crossing the highway until the signal can be fixed.


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Reminder: Do Not Pass School Buses With Flashing Lights

Posted on Oct. 14 2021

School is back in, and our Bylaw Department has been busy at work with some considerations surrounding school zones.

We want to remind everyone that flashing lights on a school bus warn that the bus is going to stop to load or unload passengers. If you see these lights, please prepare to stop for the bus. When it's lights flash, come to a stop before reaching the bus and remain stopped until the red lights stop flashing.

For those who witness and would like to report a violation, calls can be made to the RCMP non-emergency line. It is important that, if you report a violation, you record the license plate number of the vehicle involved.

The RCMP non-emergency line can be reached at 403-823-7590.

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