Urban Forest Survey

Our team has conducted thorough site assessments and pinpointed several promising areas for Urban Forest Development. Your insights are crucial in ensuring we make the best decisions for our community's green spaces. The survey period is from July 5th to August 19th, 2024.


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Annual Giant Water Fight at the Drumheller Aquaplex

Posted on Jun. 18 2024

What better way to have fun in the sun than with a Giant Water Fight?  

Join the fight on Wednesday, July 17 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm at the Drumheller Aquaplex. Everyone is invited to bring their water guns, play water safety games and learn all about drowning prevention at the Drumheller Aquaplex.  

There will be precautions to ensure that safety is at the forefront for every participant, including staff:

  • Water guns will need to be emptied and rinsed in a bleach water solution before entering change rooms; water guns can only be filled with pool water or water from the taps at the Aquaplex
  • Water safety games will happen throughout the swim, focusing on drowning prevention and layers of protection for aquatic activities
  • Safety reminder that staff supervising the pools are not to be sprayed

Preregistration is not required, and we can’t wait to see you there!  

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