Residents can now apply for Residential Parking Permits!

The Town of Drumheller will be launching a trial period for a paid parking program throughout designated parking areas in the Drumheller Valley. This trial period will begin October 2, 2023, and will operate until October 31, 2023. Residents can apply for a Residential Parking Permit, which will allow residents to park in lots and areas designated for paid parking.


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Fall Street Sweeping 2022

Posted on Oct. 7 2022

Fall street sweeping will begin on Monday, October 10, 2022. 

The tentative street sweeping schedule is as follows:

  • Area 1: Downtown/Lower Newcastle from 5 St E going West to the Train Bridge. South of the River and North of Highway 10/9 - One week
  • Area 2: Riverside Drive E and the Greentree area - Three days
  • Area 3: Lower and Upper Midland/North Drumheller - Three days
  • Area 4: Huntington Hills, Bankview, Hillsview, Twin Hills, Commercial Area and Upper Newcastle - Four days
  • Area 5: Nacmine - Two days
  • Area 6: Rosedale - Two days
  • Area 7: Cambria - One day
  • Area 8: East Coulee - One day
  • Area 9: Lehigh - One day
  • Area 10: Wayne - One day

We ask our residents and visitors to watch for street signs indicating that the sweeper is in the area. Street sweeping will be ongoing for up to five weeks. 

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Are there going to be signs to let residents know? The sweeper was on 1 st sw around 4 ave today and no signs.

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