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Enforcement of Short-Term Rental Regulations in the Town of Drumheller

Posted on Jun. 20 2024

The Town of Drumheller will begin the enforcement of short-term rental regulations starting August 1, 2024.  

Short-term rental regulations were established on February 1, 2024 when Bylaw 06.23 unanimously passed at the January 22 Regular Council meeting. The regulation of short-term rentals was introduced to address significant concerns regarding limited housing supply, the deterioration of neighbourhood quality, safety, and fair competition within the hospitality industry.  

A short-term rental (STR) is defined as any dwelling, such as a house, room, or secondary suite that is rented out for a period of 28 days or less. This includes any STR advertised on platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, or similar websites. 

During the spring of 2024, the Town of Drumheller began receiving and processing applications for STR Business Licences. To date, licenses have been provided to almost half of the short-term rentals that are advertising within Drumheller, which is a great start for the community. With the advent of summer and the tourism season, the Town will now begin issuing tickets for unlicensed and non-compliant STRs per Bylaw 06.23.

If you own a STR and have not yet applied for a STR business licence, please visit our website at drumheller.ca to learn how to apply. An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as detailed enforcement descriptions, are also available on the Town’s website.

If you have applied and received an STR business licence, please ensure that: 

  • Your STR business number and a link to the Town of Drumheller SeeClickFix website is included in all advertisements; and,
  • You continue to adhere to all requirements established by Bylaw 06.23 and the Good Host Guide.

For more information, please visit our Short-Term Rental landing page at drumheller.ca, contact the program at Rent@drumheller.ca or call us  at 403-823-1383

Supporting Documentation:

>>Short Term Rentals in Drumheller

>>Bylaw 06.23

>>STR Frequently Asked Questions

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