Residents can now apply for Residential Parking Permits!

The Town of Drumheller will be launching a trial period for a paid parking program throughout designated parking areas in the Drumheller Valley. This trial period will begin October 2, 2023, and will operate until October 31, 2023. Residents can apply for a Residential Parking Permit, which will allow residents to park in lots and areas designated for paid parking.


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Black Henbane - Disposal and Safety

Posted on Jul. 14 2022

Our teams have been notified of instances of Black Henbane throughout the Drumheller Valley.

Black Henbane is considered a noxious weed in Alberta. These plants are able to mass produce seeds, can be irritating to skin, and can be toxic to livestock, pets and humans when ingested.

Key identifiers of Black Henbane include:

  • Pale yellow flowers, with purple netted veins
  • Fruit capsules with a 5-pointed papery cover
  • Zigzagged flowers that are funnel-shaped

If you have Black Henbane on your property, use gloves and pull the plant from the root. Once removed, put the plant in a bad and dispose of it in your garbage. Use caution to avoid skin contact.

Our teams are working on the removal of Black Henbane. If you come across Black Henbane in a public space throughout the Drumheller Valley, please submit on SeeClickFix.

For more information about the plant, please click here

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Reigna De Vera

I have seen black henbane’s growing near the view deck by the horseshoe canyon

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