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Spring Clean Up Revised

Posted on Apr. 27 2020
The popular annual Spring Clean up program will be continuing with a new name and date. This annual program, now called Community Clean-up, will be taking place in September.

A program review last winter determined that the resources required for the Spring Clean up program caused delays in starting street cleaning, spring beautification and other seasonal activities. Administration recommended to move the program to the Fall while still maintaining the same curbside pickup that occurs during the Spring. Additionally, the Town of Drumheller will be providing two vouchers to each residential property to use at the landfill anytime in the calendar year.

"Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our business as usual, transforming it to business unusual. The plans to change Spring Clean up to "Community Clean up" in the fall were never finalized," explained Darryl Drohomerski CAO. "As a temporary solution, fees at the landfill were waived for Drumheller residents during the traditional Spring Clean Up period to ensure residents were not storing refuse for an extended period."

Tonight, Council officially approved having Community Clean-up in September with the program occurring in the fall in future years. However, there is still some uncertainty over the program taking place in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Town of Drumheller will keep residents informed of any changes to Community Clean up as we continue to navigate through these changing circumstances.

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