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Correcting the Facts Around NDA Agreements

Posted on Jun. 25 2021

In our ongoing commitment to communicating in an open and honest way with all of the members of our community, council would like to take this opportunity to dispel some rumours regarding non-disclosure agreements.

The Mayor and Council have not signed or have been asked to sign NDA agreements pertaining to the Flood Mitigation Project or COVID-19 response and planning.
As per standard operating procedures, third-party contractors are required to sign NDA agreements upon entering an agreement with the Town of Drumheller.

It is implied that once the town, Mayor and Council enter an agreement with any organization or third-party contractor, specific information and details remain protected under current Provincial privacy legislation. Public information is readily available either in posted council meeting minutes or other publicly published documentation.

Under some circumstances, non-disclosure agreements may be negotiated in the best interest of all parties involved, but in this situation, it was simply not the case.We hope that this clears up any confusion surrounding NDA agreements as it relates to the Flood Mitigation Project and COVID-19 response and planning.

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